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Sind Sie bereit für persönliches Wachstum?

Step out of your shell!

How does a lobster grow? After all, its shell is so hard. The answer: It sheds its shell at regular intervals.

When its body feels cramped inside the shell, it finds a reasonably safe spot to rest while the shell comes off. And the pink membrane inside hardens. And becomes the new shell. But no matter where it waits until it gets hard, the lobster is vulnerable. It can be thrown against a coral reef. Or eaten by a fish.

In other words – it has to put itself at risk in order to grow.

It’s a good lesson for us. Because, we all get locked into a certain way of life. A particular way of seeing things. And that gives us a certain security.

Security is fine. But it can also be stifling. If we really want to live life, we must be willing to step out of that shell for a while. Even if we have to make ourselves a little vulnerable.

Because that’s the only way we can grow!

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