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For people who are interested in a revolutionary economic strategy

I need to share this information with you!

2010 proved to be a truly extraordinary year for Nu Skin’s business. The past 12 months’ results show that they are one step closer to fulfilling their vision to become the world’s leading direct sales company by generating more income for their Distributors than any other company.

Every single day, in the world of Nu Skin®, there are:

• 300,000 people taking LifePak®
• More than 2,000 people signing up as Distributors/preferred customers
• €1.4 million being generated in Distributor commissions
• 100,000 malnourished children fed a meal
• 50,000 people using ageLOC® Transformation

At a time when many people are seeking income opportunities, Nu Skin® ’s strategy is to provide a focused, easily duplicated, innovative and compelling anti-ageing business opportunity. And looking at the growth they have achieved in 2010, this strategy seems to work well!

Many reports support the view that the Direct Sales industry is the place to be right now. Nearly 65 million people participate in direct selling and together, they all generate almost €90 billion in sales worldwide2. In addition to this, the global anti-ageing industry is projected to hit €154 billion in 2010, with double-digit growth rates continuing for the next decade3.

So, with the combination of being active in the Direct Sales industry and having a refined and powerful anti-ageing portfolio, with ageLOC® as a platform, Nu Skin® is possibly the best positioned company in this industry!

1 Europe, Middle East and Africa.
2 Direct Selling Association (DSA) and World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).
3 BCC Research.

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